What We Do
Affordable editing and proof-reading services for new and established authors
Online Book Services has established itself as an affordable and reliable editing service. By offering quality on-time editing we have built a reputation with both first time authors wanting to self-publish their manuscript, and established authors looking to improve the quality of their work. We have done this through building a one-to-one relationship between the author and the editor and engaging the author throughout the process. We even offer a no-strings free sample edit of up to ten thousand words for all new authors.
About Us
Quality editing to suit your needs
Online Book Services was formed following a frustrating period of reading potentially great books, which were frequently marred by textual errors that varied in their significance, yet inevitably became a distraction to the overall flow and story-line. Instead of wondering where the plot was heading the mind constantly started scanning for the next faux pas.

My wife, Debs, and I started talking to a number of the authors and found they were both aware of the problems and receptive to the constructive criticism being offered. They appreciated their readers were as frustrated by the errors as we were and this was in turn costing them potential book sales. Some failed to appreciate the number of errors remaining in their manuscripts.

Within a few weeks we were inundated with enquiries asking whether we could address these issues, within budget and frequently against extremely tight deadlines. The need was being fuelled by a lack of affordable accurate editing that would be delivered on time. We have risen to these challenges and the testimonials received to date confirm our ability to exceed our client's expectations.

The errors range from simple spelling mistakes, plot inconsistencies, grammatical errors, variants in capitalisation, typographical errors and even misspelt names of leading characters. In one case the editor had failed to notice he'd attributed a talking part to a character who was currently minus his head!

The total number of errors in the books edited or in some cases re-edited, varies dramatically, but even pre-edited books invariably contain five hundred or more revisions.. A daunting thought! For new edits the figure is invariably far higher.

The Golden Rule, which has become glaringly obvious to us is, no matter how tempting, for reasons of cost or expedience, DO NOT MARK YOUR OWN HOMEWORK! You'll read what you think you wrote, errors and all. Saving a few pennies now, will undoubtedly lose you sales in the future. Always use a third party such as OLBS to ensure what you thought you wrote is actually what you meant to say. It will pay dividends in the long run.

We have been amazed by our rapid growth and our initial market has been a combination of self-edited books and re-edits for poorly edited manuscripts. We are now building a reputation for a reliable, cost-effective and accurate service, which has expanded our market into several contracts for new-releases and repeat business, mainly generated through word of mouth by our existing authors.

Now we are looking to expand our clientele and move into other genres, and other formats such as editing business literature/brochures whilst continuing to build on our reputation as the go-to company for quality editing of both e-books and hard-copy literature in our established markets.

See the attached testimonials to see what our authors really think about the service and quality we deliver.

Here's to a more enjoyable read next time you pick up an OBS edited book.

Who We Are

Dave Arden

After following the advice of Mark Twain, by not letting my schooling interfere with my education, after leaving college I embarked on a career in the Civil Service working for the MoD. A discipline in accuracy in what I did was a good grounding for my future career editing manuscripts. Over twenty-five years in sales and marketing, selling to the security printing industry, and a further ten selling software testing services, honed my skills further. Accuracy and clarity being essential in both cases.

Frustration with having to read numerous novels with appalling errors in them inspired the setting up Online Book Services. The skills I developed in my previous occupations have proven invaluable, but editing requires one to develop additional traits. It's a fantastic learning opportunity. Any manuscript that comes before you has certain elements based on fact, whether it be a reference to a brand name, a piece of pop culture, a work of art, or a reference to another novel or a song. Researching such things has proven to be an education in itself. The fact I get to read great, riveting thrillers is clearly a major bonus to thoroughly enjoying what I'm now doing.

  Debs Arden

I am the co-founder of onlinebookservices with my husband Dave!  I enjoy working closely with the authors and helping them to achieve their full potential.

I spent 7 years earning two Degrees in University of Augsburg, Germany. Both required me to study English Language and English Literature, in which I excelled, achieving the highest grades in both subjects. I am bi-lingual, speaking and writing in British & American English, as well as German. I'm fluent in both languages, and have both German and American citizenship.

I am so happy and grateful to have this opportunity to assist others in reaching their goals to become competent published authors, and hope that each and every one of you enjoy reading their books and appreciate their extraordinary talents!